Dustin Lynch Gets Sweet Revenge with Hilarious Roast of Luke Bryan [WATCH]

Dustin Lynch just unleashed the ultimate payback on Luke Bryan!

In case you missed the backstory, last year’s Crash My Playa event saw Luke’s not-so-stellar introduction of his buddy, Dustin Lynch. The result? A major cringe moment. During the intro, Luke said, “No one has taken more drugs, more IVs, and no one has passed more STD tests.” And while he said he was joking, it did not go over well. To make up for it, Luke invited Dustin to return the favor at the next year’s festival.

Fast forward, and boy, did Dustin take that invitation seriously! He brought in none other than “The RoastMaster General” himself, Jeff Ross, to give Luke a taste of his own medicine. And let’s just say, Jeff pulled no punches.