Jelly Roll Undergoes ‘Reconstructive’ Oral Procedures; Revals “Pretty Smile”

Last month, Jelly Roll began undergoing major mouth reconstruction surgery. His wife, Bunnie Xo, documented the journey (hilarious at times) on TikTok.

Well, it seems that all the work has been completed, as his wife Bunnie XO recently posted another video of him flaunting some brand-new pearly whites.

Unfortunately, this video wasn’t as humorous as the previous ones when he was still recovering from the anesthesia. Nonetheless, the transformation of his smile is undeniably impressive.

Towards the end of the video, Bunnie asked him, ‘Are you going to keep it without the golds and diamonds?’ Jelly pondered for a moment before pointing at the camera and saying, ‘You know what… you tell us.’

So, what do YOU think? Should he stick to the pearly whites or add the gold and diamonds back into his grill? Based on the comments on her TikTok, it seems like a lot more people are in favor of leaving the new teeth just the way they are.

@xomgitsbunnie What do y’all think? 🤔 Should he put the gold & diamonds back in? #jellyandbunnie ♬ Frolic (Theme from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” TV Show) – Luciano Michelini