Here’s What Lainey Wilson Needs Backstage at Every Show

Some rock stars and musicians are known for being ridiculous about what goes on their backstage rider but Lainey Wilson, who’s our reigning CMA and ACM Entertainer of the Year, is a lot more chill with her demands.

Lainey says she doesn’t want anything crazy backstage, just some, “Throat coat tea.”

“I normally ask for a kettle, in case there ain’t like a microwave anywhere near, lemon ‘Halls’ coughdrops, and probably whiskey, and water.”

All that is totally reasonable, and what one could expect from someone as down to Earth as Lainey.  She closed it with, quote, “I don’t have a lot on my rider…I ain’t gonna be asking for a new toilet lid.”

This is why she’s so relatable.  She’s the Entertainer of the Year and is completely fine with your everyday toilet.

(Taste of Country)