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Mill Swamp

One Hour Cares Awards $5000 to Mill Swamp Indian Horses {LISTEN}

Mill Swamp Indian Horses was awarded $5000 this quarter from One Hour Cares! Mill Swamp Indian Horses is a program of Gwaltney Frontier Farm, Incorporated, a 501 (c) 5 non profit breed conservation program. Located outside of Smithfield, Virginia, the program works to prevent the extinction of the Corolla Spanish Mustang, perhaps the oldest and…

mother in law

Crazy Mother-In-Law Loses It at Her Sons Wedding. ~ CASH {Watch}

When I first saw this video I thought, this has to be a movie or skit from Saturday Night Live or something. Then, I found out that this really happened and the video was initially uploaded on TikTok. The video was quickly taken down, but not before folks could save it and pass it around.…


Maddie and Tae Instagram Live with Cash! {WATCH}

Maddie and Tae joined Cash Warren on Instagram Live on Wednesday (August 5th) “Die From A Broken Heart” is on the verge of becoming a #1 hit! Maddie and Tae talked about moving to Nashville from Texas and Oklahoma, getting married, and whether or not the ladies are picking out their husband’s clothes yet.  …


Smile Of The Day~Carly!

What an interesting way to “Social Distance” Not quite sure if this is even what was going on, but either way you can take that idea and run with it… Another way to keep people 6ft away #whatisnewyork — WhatIsNewYork (@whatisny) May 4, 2020

dan + shay

Cash & Carly Talk With Dan + Shay! {Listen}

Dan + Shay are quickly taking over the world. Kind of hard to think that the guys played a fresh faces show at the Eagles Nest a few years back. Now, they’re a headline act. They were supposed to headline Saturday night Patriotic Fest this year but COVID happened. The boys were kind enough to…

craine bird

Fearless Crane Isn’t Taking Any Crap From Mr. Alligator. ~ CASH {Watch}

I keep saying it and nobody’s listening. Florida reminds me of a 1960s horror movie. Giant lizards, snakes, and gators that want to eat you. It’s crazy! Then there’s this. What’s going on here? Some folks out playing golf caught this crazy video of a crane sidestepping an alligator in hopes of thwarting if off.…

paddle board

Paddle Boarders Surrounded By Great White Sharks! ~ CASH {Watch}

Look at these guys! Dude, like, no way! There’s like, giant sharks swimming underneath our very small edible paddleboards. I think the conversation went a little something like that. Can you imagine going out for a nice paddleboard session and before you know it, great white sharks, everywhere! That’s what happened with some guys in…

blue lobster

Rare Blue Lobster Found During A Red Lobster Delivery! ~ CASH {Pic}

I’ll take a basket of cheddar biscuits and the awesome blue lobster swimming in the aquarium. From what I understand, blue lobsters are incredibly rare, as in one-in-2 million rare. I can see how this slipped by the guy or gal who was packing up the lobsters. The load was headed to a Red Lobster…


Smile Of The Day~Carly!

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mary Poppins ☂️ (@realmarypoppins) on Jul 21, 2020 at 3:28pm PDT Ok, this is crazy! Some people thinking walking and chewing gum is hard to do??? Check out what this kid can do…..

charging bear

Hiker Almost Get Plowed Over by Grizzly Bear Chasing Goats. ~ CASH {Watch}

Can you imagine seeing something like this in the wild? Here you are, walking along minding your own business, then out of nowhere, goats running for their lives. I gotta say, the goats can run pretty fast. Regina Louisa was hiking through Glacier National Park when she saw some goats running for their lives. What…

The Joker

The “Joker” Was Spotted Jet Skiing In New York! ~ CASH {Watch}

Based on everything else that’s happened, can you really be that surprised to read that the Joker was spotted on a jet ski in New York? The “Joker” was spotted jet skiing in New York! Is it New York or Chicago that would be considered Gotham? I’m pretty sure it’s New York. So it makes…


Smile Of The Day~Carly!

A Cover of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” Set to Swing Music Somebody did a video mashup of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”. The video portion is the band on MTV’s “Unplugged” . . . but the audio is someone performing it as an old-time swing song.