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UFO Sighting in Miami Proves Aliens Are Coming For Us. ~ CASH {Watch}

The Navy came out a couple of months ago and said, “Yup, ufo’s are real!” Nobody blinked an eye. I see what they did there. Let’s confirm a giant conspiracy during a pandemic. It’s a smart move. But this is nuts! You know what I’ve said about Florida, it’s a horror movie from the 1960s.…


Dog Steals Dentures, Then Steals the Internet! ~ CASH {Watch}

Hey, bring back my…..teef! See what I did there, teef. Dogs wearing human dentures. Does it get any better than that?!?! Let’s clear up a few things first if we can. Do you usually keep your dentures on the side of the bed, next to your toothbrush, how does this work? Apparently, it’s more common…

Smile Of The Day: Man Sets World Record For Largest Stack of Eggs {WATCH}~Carly!

A man named Mohammed Abelhameed Muqbel has set a new Guinness World Record for the largest STACK OF EGGS. (???) It’s THREE. He identified each egg’s center of mass, and then stacked them exactly so that they’d be able to stand end-over-end. To get the record, they had to remain stacked for five seconds, and…

loch ness monster

Finally! Proof That the Loch Ness Monster Does Exist! ~ CASH {Pic}

What else can we discover in 2020? We’ve got COVID, murder hornets, the Sahara desert hitting the U.S., and now the Loch Ness Monster. There’s a new high-def photo making rounds online and folks think it looks pretty legit. However, the guy who took the photo still isn’t 100% sure he caught the mythical beast.…


Smile Of The Day: Baby Thinks Her Name is “Alexa” {WATCH}~Carly!

What do you do when your baby thinks her name is Alexa? A mom in Douglas, Isle of Man, posted a funny video of her 11-month-old daughter, Emily, responding to “Alexa” — Amazon’s virtual assistant — instead of her own name. The parents bought an Amazon Echo device when their child was 5 months old…

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Smile Of The Day~Carly!

The Nashville Public Library did a video advertising their curbside delivery service, and it’s so goofy and fun that it went viral. It features a mouse puppet rapping the details about how to roll up in your car to pick up OR return your books. They call it “Curb Side Baby” because it’s set to…

Homer Simpson

Are These the Worst Dads in Film and TV? ~ CASH

First, Happy Father’s Day! If all these Dads are the worst, who do they consider the best? Oh, I know, what about “The Brady Bunch” Dad? He seemed pretty cool. I mean, can you imagine living in a house with all those kids? He somehow was able to keep his sanity. I’m impressed! Oh, I…


Smile Of The Day: Carly On Skates!~{VIDEO}~Carly!

I’m feeling like a kid again with my new roller skates!   View this post on Instagram   Practicing my new roller skates! A post shared by Carly Quinn On Air (@carlyquinnonair) on Jun 16, 2020 at 7:17am PDT

magnet fishing

Magnet Fishing Adventures With Cash Warren! ~ CASH {Watch}

What’s the going rate for a shopping cart, kitchen knife, railroad nails, springs, and a ton of fishing lures? Nothing? Awesome! Ok, so I’ve seen videos of these cats magnet fishing for a while now and thought, “Hey, that looks pretty sweet!” So, I went for it and bought my first fishing magnet. This magnet…