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bobcat small

Who needs coffee in the morning when you can get attacked by a Bobcat? ~ CASH {Watch}

STRONG LANGUAGE ALERT!!! You’ve heard me say it before, thank goodness for those doorbell camera’s that pick up everything that’s going on outside. If it hadn’t been for that camera, we never would have witnessed the most incredible 46 seconds of this guy’s life. What’s happening here?!?! I never knew bobcats were so aggressive. Then…

bear eating sammich

Bear breaks into home, very small dog chases him away. ~ CASH {Watch}

My dog Pepper back in high school was the smallest dog on the block, but she had the biggest attitude of them all. I would watch Pepper take on dogs double, triple her size and she would walk away victorious. This reminds me of Pepper. Deedee Mueller was taking a nap inside her Pasadena, California…


Massive Killer Croc Taken Out in South Carolina! ~ CASH {Pic}

No thanks! Not interested in living somewhere where you can potentially run into one of these bad boys. You guys are crazy! Some crazy guy in South Carolina took this guy out after he was reported to have formed an appetite for livestock and dogs. The 445-pound monster was brought in to a South Carolina…


Who are your 4 favorite Muppets of all time? ~ CASH {Pic}

Forgive me for starting an argument this early in the week, but this list is nuts and it’s a trick! What it should ask is, what are your favorite Muppets, including the Sesame Street Muppets? Well, they ranked all the Muppets and I’m just not sure about any of it. Miss Piggy is really ranked…

shark short

Baltimore woman spots live sharks while driving down I-95! ~ CASH {Watch}

Have you ever seen a shark while driving down I-95? Neither have I. While driving down I-95 in Baltimore, TikToc user, Julie_Anne52 captured the weirdness on camera so we can all be jealous that she got to see sharks while driving and we never have. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever seen while driving?  …