Wuzzz Happenin!!! Hatched in Southern California in the early 80s. I grew up in southern New Mexico and I still haven’t forgiven my parents for that. I’m kidding. Grew up in southern New Mexico and also spent a bunch of time in the lone star state. I started working commercial radio when I was 18 and here I am in beautiful coastal Virginia. I graduated college with a BA in Communication and a minor in film. I actually went to grad school and majored in humanities with an emphasis on film studies. I’m married to Ronnie and we have a bunch of kids. Anna, Fiona, Logan, and Emma. I love watching old movies, playing my bass, and eating Italian food. When I’m not on the radio, you can catch me at a Tides game, hanging with my kids, and exploring Hampton Roads.  


  • Cash & Annaliese Talk to Chris Lane
    The Eagle Morning Show had the chance to catch up with Chris Lane last week! He dropped a new single on Friday, August 18th called Find Another Bar. In addition to career updates, we had the chance to ask Chris some fun questions about fatherhood, his love of golf, and some of his favorite things…
  • Zoo in China Denies That Their Bear Is A Guy Dressed in a Bear Costume. {Watch}
    Look at the bear’s butt! That’s why people are so convinced it’s some zoo worker dressed in a bear costume. By the way, how funny would that be? I bet you it happens before it’s all said and done. But this bear’s saggy butt is really confusing some people. This is a Malaysian Sun Bear…
  • Sea Lion Chases Off Irritating Humans Who Won’t Leave Him Alone. {Watch}
    It’s like I say, some people have to learn the hard way. There’s a beach in San Diego called La Jolla Cove (La-Hoya) where tourists go to gawk at sea lions. On Sunday, the sea lions got a little fed up and started chasing them away. A lifeguard used a megaphone to issue a warning. He said,…
  • Shark Spotted Swimming In Between People’s Legs At Florida Beach. {Watch}
    Just in time for Shark Week! You mean to tell me they didn’t see the shark? You’re kidding me, right? In case you didn’t see this, a video has gone viral of a shark swimming in between people frolicking in the ocean off the coast of Navarre, Florida.  It looked like a scene from “Jaws” .…
  • Frank Ray Joined Cash & Annaliese on Wednesday Morning to Discuss Music, Baseball, and Mental Health. {Listen}
    El Cantante, Raaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!! Former cop turned Nashville recording artist, Frank Ray just dropped a new album. Frank was kind enough to spend some time with us on Wednesday morning. We talked about singing the national anthem at Major League Baseball games, touring with Old Dominion, Frank’s new mental health initiative, and some songs to be…