Wuzzz Happenin!!! Hatched in Southern California in the early 80s. I grew up in southern New Mexico and I still haven’t forgiven my parents for that. I’m kidding. Grew up in southern New Mexico and also spent a bunch of time in the lone star state. I started working commercial radio when I was 18 and here I am in beautiful coastal Virginia. I graduated college with a BA in Communication and a minor in film. I actually went to grad school and majored in humanities with an emphasis on film studies. I’m married to Ronnie and we have a bunch of kids. Anna, Fiona, Logan, and Emma. I love watching old movies, playing my bass, and eating Italian food. When I’m not on the radio, you can catch me at a Tides game, hanging with my kids, and exploring Hampton Roads.  



  • Did Sara’s All Natural Ways Ruin Her Chances With Victor? | Second Date Update!
    Sara reached out after she went out with Victor. From what Sara was telling us her friend from work set her up with Victor and they met up and had a real fancy dinner together. When pressed, Sara can’t think of anything that she may have done or said that could’ve scared away Victor. Let’s…
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    After 33 years, Don Roberts from Wavy TV 10 is calling it a career. Don was kind enough to come in and talk with us about some of the more memorable news stories that he covered over his legendary career. In addition to what he’ll be getting himself into next. This is our unedited conversation…
  • Man Slaps A Bear and Lives To Tell His Story. {Watch}
    This is the kind of headline that grabs my attention. A guy smacked a bear and lived to tell his story. Hold on a sec, I have so many questions. According to the story, the bear was little and the man accused of throwing fists with the bear said he did it to protect his…
  • Annaliese’s Week 4 Pig Skin Picks! {Listen}
    Week 4 in the NFL kicks off on the EAGLE morning show. It’s Annaliese’s pig skin picks! Where, instead of picking a winner on record or pure athleticism, Annaliese picks the winner on which QB she finds more attractive. Tonight, you have the undefeated Miami Dolphins traveling to Cincy to take on the Bengals. Tua…
  • Scream Queen & Sinister Laugh Contest for Thursday 9.29.22 {Listen}
    The ladies took over on Thursday morning. And boy howdy, did they deliver. However, I’ve gotta say, we need to step up on the sinister laughs. A horrifying scream is one thing, but if you can sound nuts laughing? That’s a game-changer! Today’s contestants were Catherine, Dora, and Jen. One of the ladies went with…