Wuzzz Happenin!!! Hatched in Southern California in the early 80s. I grew up in southern New Mexico and I still haven’t forgiven my parents for that. I’m kidding. Grew up in southern New Mexico and also spent a bunch of time in the lone star state. I started working commercial radio when I was 18 and here I am in beautiful coastal Virginia. I graduated college with a BA in Communication and a minor in film. I actually went to grad school and majored in humanities with an emphasis on film studies. I’m married to Ronnie and we have a bunch of kids. Anna, Fiona, Logan, and Emma. I love watching old movies, playing my bass, and eating Italian food. When I’m not on the radio, you can catch me at a Tides game, hanging with my kids, and exploring Hampton Roads.  

bartender short

Bartender praised for helping girl being harassed by bum guy. {Pic}

Florida bartender Max Gutierrez went viral over the weekend when he slipped what looked like a receipt to a gal who he believed was being harassed by some weird guy. Twitter user @trinityallie shared a picture of what looks like a receipt being handed to her asking her if she needs help. The note instructed…

Nerf War 500

Cash Took on Tabb Middle School Students in a Nerf Blaster War {WATCH}

Cash challenged Tabb Middle School to a Nerf Blaster War after reading about how their STEM Department worked with ECPI and the engineers at Hasbro to create a nerf blaster for Yorktown resident Zoey Hale. The Nerf blaster war went down Thursday morning at 10 at Tabb Middle School. In addition to celebrating the end…

cicada short

Construction worker swarmed by crazed human eating cicadas in Ohio. {Watch}

More reasons to be thankful you live in Virginia. Well, I don’t know about crazed human eating, but still, depending on what kind of person you are, this could give someone the heebeejeebees. This is straight out of a Hitchcock movie, “The Attack of the Cicadas!” Then again, I don’t think Hitchcock would go cicadas,…

fishing reel short

Crazy fisherman fights off 3 sharks trying to steal his catch! {Watch}

That’s some serious commitment right there. But then again, the sharks were kind of small. What?!?! Hey, buddy! You’re nuts! Look at this guy! Every time I look up I see someone battling a gator or a shark. It’s become survival of the fittest, mainly in Florida. Stop it, I love Florida. This happened in…

deer short

Crazy Deer is caught chasing down two dogs on a ring door camera. {Watch}

Can we all agree that the ring door camera is the greatest invention of all time? So far, we’ve seen a Bobcat attack a couple in the morning, dinosaurs, or what looks like dinosaurs in the backyard, and now this, a crazed deer chasing down and rolling a couple of little dogs. These deer are…

kangaroo short

Kangaroo Flaunts His Ripped Biceps and Chiseled 6-Pack Abs. ~ {Watch}

What’s going on with this Kangaroo in Texas? He must lift all day long. Do you even lift, bro? Yeah, I think he does. This Kangaroo is jacked and he knows it! I saw a funny meme over the weekend that said kangaroos are deers on steroids. Perhaps? Jay Brewer who runs the reptile zoo…

bear with mouth

Giant Grizzly Bear charges Park Ranger at Yellowstone Park. ~ {Watch}

That’s a monster Grizzly Bear. What would you say it is, 12, 14 feet standing on its hind legs? This incident happened on May 28th and thankfully the ranger showed up because humans are dumb and probably would have tried to approach the wild animal and pet it. Then, they would’ve been eaten! Seriously, the…


Video Shows Ghostly Image in Haunted Texas Hotel! {Watch}

Woah, hold up! Did you see that? Let me guess, it’s lighting, right? Get out of here with that! That’s a ghost and there’s nothing you can tell me that’ll convince me otherwise. Let’s take a trip to Seguin, Texas. That’s where you’ll find the old Magnolia Hotel. The room was empty when the disturbance…

dog surfing short

Golden Retriever turns heads with its amazing surfing skills! {Watch}

I still can’t get over the fact that my granddad’s dog, “duke,” in the 90s would go pick up the newspaper in the afternoons. It was amazing! My granddad would open the door, here came “duke” grabbed the afternoon paper, and brought it back to my grandfather. There’s the occasional English bulldog skateboarding video that…

skyline short

Skyscraper sways in the wind sending people running for their lives! {Watch}

You know what they say, if the buildings a-rocking, don’t come a-knocking. This is something out of an old-school Godzilla movie or something. Folks running for their lives downtown. The only thing missing is a giant insect monster destroying buildings only for Godzilla to show up and save the day. The building is one of…