Wuzzz Happenin!!! Hatched in Southern California in the early 80s. I grew up in southern New Mexico and I still haven’t forgiven my parents for that. I’m kidding. Grew up in southern New Mexico and also spent a bunch of time in the lone star state. I started working commercial radio when I was 18 and here I am in beautiful coastal Virginia. I graduated college with a BA in Communication and a minor in film. I actually went to grad school and majored in humanities with an emphasis on film studies. I’m married to Ronnie and we have a bunch of kids. Anna, Fiona, Logan, and Emma. I love watching old movies, playing my bass, and eating Italian food. When I’m not on the radio, you can catch me at a Tides game, hanging with my kids, and exploring Hampton Roads.  

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The Johnny Cash Water Tower Vandal Has Been Caught In Arkansas!

And he would’ve gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for you pesky kids! You can never go wrong quoting Scooby-Doo. Listen, I know this isn’t right, but still. What a shot! Ok, so hit the guy with a fine, then shake his hand for hitting the bullseye. The 50,000-gallon tank was shot…

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Dave Chappelle Attacked on Stage at The Hollywood Bowl Last Night! {Watch}

The world has lost its mind! First, Will Smith smacks Chris Rock, then some crazy guy tried to fight Dave Chappelle while he was on stage. The whole thing is nuts. From what we’ve read, Jamie Foxx was there to help settle things down. The guy who rushed Dave was busted up a bit backstage…

Couple Takes Dog Out For Walk, Gets Chased Back Inside By Black Bear. {Watch}

Couple Takes Dog Out For Walk, Gets Chased Back Inside By Black Bear. {Watch}

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times. The ring doorbell camera will one day be looked at as important as the invention of electricity! You’ve heard me say it before, Florida is like a 1950s horror movie. No offense. But I’m talking about giant snakes, spiders, lizards, crocodiles, and now bears…

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New Country Artist Ben Gallaher Joins The Eagle on Instagram Live {WATCH}

Rising country star Ben Gallaher joined us on Instagram Live today (Friday, March 11) to talk about learning to play guitar at 6-years old. He told Cash from The Eagle Morning Show, “I was born to play country music” and said about the best advice he received was to not have a back-up plan. The…

Dad Jumps on Bull-Rider Son to Protect Him from Raging Bull! {Watch}

Dad Jumps on Bull-Rider Son to Protect Him from Raging Bull! {Watch}

We’ve got a great canddiate for dad of the year here. I think this dad did what all dads would do, protect their children at any cost. This is a bold, brave move by this cowboy. First of all, you’ve got to be a little crazy to think it’s a good idea to jump on…