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OMG!  THIS is a Pumpkin Spice Treat I Want….NOW!

OMG! THIS is a Pumpkin Spice Treat I Want….NOW!

I just saw this story this morning…and already I wanna leave the studio and go to the store and stock up on these little gems! Now, I’m not a total pumpkin spice geek and seriously, I’ve never tried these. But the thought of how delicious Hostess Cupcakes are anyway, I have complete faith that these…Read More

Home Alone Reboot?  We’re Not Having It!

Home Alone Reboot? We’re Not Having It!

Sorry to break it to ya, but Disney has a Home Alone reboot in the works for their streaming channel. #HomeAlone Reboot Confirmed For Disney+ – — Screen Rant (@screenrant) August 6, 2019 As expected, within SECONDS after making the announcement, all hell broke loose on the interwebs. Disney wants to reboot #HomeAlone…Read More

It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day…and Somebody Ruined it

It’s National Ice Cream Sandwich Day…and Somebody Ruined it

It’s been years since I had a nice ice cream sandwich. I could almost taste one when I read about the holiday on social media. But nearly 10 seconds later, my excitement about my forthcoming treat came to a screeching halt. EWWWW! So, earlier this week, French’s created a mustard ice cream for National Mustard…Read More

Would You Sleep on the Floor of a Plane?

Would You Sleep on the Floor of a Plane?

Y’all! I travel on a budget. Yep. I love to find those less than 500 dollar round trip international flights and take them as often as I can. To me, it’s about the destination. And basically, I’d rather have MORE trips for less money and suck it up on the plane flight. Yeah, those budget…Read More

New Crocs Mascot is Creeping People Out

I know some people are all about Crocs. Mainly, for their comfort. Even Luke Combs loves crocs and says he wears them around the house. Without socks, of course, because that would be weird. Personally, I do not like them. I think they’re ugly and honestly, I don’t think they’re very comfortable. Additionally, I don’t…Read More

Why is “Jar Jar Binks” Trending on Twitter?

I don’t know about anybody else, but I think Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars Phantom Menace is kind of cute. Don’t @ me. Yes, annoying, but cute. But an astounding number of Star Wars fans believe Jar Jar is the worst character to ever hit the franchise. (The Ewoks are grateful) via GIPHY I…Read More

Meet & Greet Pic Fail

Meet & Greet Pic Fail

Sometimes you only get one shot. That’s it. One chance to make a fabulous impression in those social media photos. Nope…not 144 selfies and that you can pick and choose. Just one. Like that coveted meet and greet pic that you’ve been thinking about all day. You’ve practiced the pose, you know which side is…Read More

Ranch Flavored Pop Tarts?????

Someone on Twitter posted the idea with the caption, “People say you can put Ranch on anything…” and tagged Pop Tarts and Hidden Valley. People say you can put ranch on anything…. @PopTartsUS @HVRanch — Kyle Heroff (@kheroff81) June 25, 2019 Hidden Valley decided to have a little fun with it. I mean, why…Read More