Caring Ambulance Workers Take Detour to Grant Dying Man’s Simple Ice Cream Wish

A dying man was able to have the last meal he most desired thank to these paramedics.

After 17 years of fighting pancreatic cancer, Ron McCartney was set to be taken into palliative care earlier this month.

His wife Sharon called the Queensland paramedics to take him in and they conducted an evaluation in the ambulance. They found out the 72-year-old had not been eating for several days

So they asked, “If you could eat anything… what would it be?” He replied, “A caramel sundae.”

And they detoured from their route to buy him the sweet treat before arriving at the hospital.

His daughter wrote a note of gratitude saying, “Dad enjoyed this so much and [it] was the last thing he was able to eat by himself. Mum and I cannot thank QAS enough for all the help and compassion you have all given towards us.”