Karen West

Karen is a Hampton Roads native, born and raised in Newport News and now lives in Norfolk. She has four daughters who are her best friends. Karen has been on the air on the Eagle for over 25 years and very passionate about radio and connecting with her listeners.  

Karen is also very passionate about her charitable causes.  She is active with the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” campaign in memory of her sister Ginni, who passed away peacefully of breast cancer in 2005.  She is also very active with St. Jude Children’s Hospital’s endeavor to end childhood cancer.  

Karen is an author who has written two books to benefit various charities.  Amazing Trace, A Sister’s Journal follows the story of her sister’s battle with breast cancer.  It is available at all online booksellers.  

Karen recently began traveling internationally and crossing things off her bucket list, proving to herself that if you want something bad enough, go for it!  She has taken several trips on a very VERY small budget and shares her experiences on “Travelin’ With Karen.”  

Her favorite quote of all time is from Maya Angelou:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  

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TikTok Parents Give Toddler Eggs to Prove Adorable Point

Parents on social media have started a new trend of giving their toddlers a raw egg and sharing video of their reactions. The saying is, “if you give a baby an egg, they’re gentle with it.” So far, the results have been accurate. Not sure I would try this at my house since we could be the one exception to the rule, but hey…this is nice and sweet, isn’t it? – KW

@cassandranguyen981Babies new best friend ##babyandegg ##fyp

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A Sweet 7 Year Old Throws Socially Distant Prom After Babysitter’s Was Canceled!

I think I got something in my eye. Nahhh…I can’t lie. This story definitely made me tear up a little. Gosh, children are THE BEST, aren’t they? This big-hearted 7 year old found out that his babysitter Rachel was sad because her prom had been canceled. She had the dress and everything! But little Curtis had a plan! With some help from his mom, he created a socially distant prom FOR her complete with decorations, her favorite food and dancing! And he even asked her to be his date!

I am virtually sending tons of hugs to Curtis right now! He made my day! ❤❤❤ – KW



New Episode: What’s BINGEWORTHY for the Weekend with Cash & Karen! {Podcast}

It was a STRANGE occurrence on Bingeworthy this week! Cash broke one of his own binging rules, one he shamed Karen for doing, and he isn’t sorry about it at all. Karen watched 4 seasons of one series over the three day weekend…a show that no one else likes. Paul & Stephanie both have different points of view of Season 2 of Dead to Me.

OH…and for once, Cash didn’t binge a mob show? What’s going on here???

Check out the latest episode of Bingeworthy!

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TikTok Users Learn that Dishwashers Have Filters

I don’t consider myself a dummy by any means. Also, I don’t have a dishwasher because I prefer to wash by hand. ANYWAY, not saying I didn’t used to have a dishwasher. AND, I’ve never cleaned a dishwasher filter. Let’s just say that this whole thing comes as a surprise to me. Also, if I ever decide to have a dishwasher, I will make this priority.

People on TikTok have introduced us to the DIRTY DISHWASHER FILTER! That’s right. People are pulling the filters out of their appliances and showing us just how gunky and gross they are!

Here. Take a look!


Are you cleaning your dishwashers filter regularly? ##inspectormurph ##homeowner ##homeinspector ##realtor ##covid_19

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So…if you haven’t already, go home and clean your dishwasher filter or just replace it. I may just stick with handwashing my dishes. I dunno. – KW


Dolphins Bring Gifts to Shore Because They Miss People

A café in Australia is also a place where people can feed and enjoy the company of some beautiful dolphins. However since the pandemic, the restaurant had been closed to customers. Apparently, the dolphins miss the interaction so much, they started bringing gifts like coral and bottles to shore in an effort to win back their human friends.

…and all of the sudden, my allergies started to kick in.




TikTok’s New “Wipe It Down Challenge” is the Best Yet!

Rarely has there been a social media challenge that has me begging for more…and want to try it myself!

The latest trend on TikTok is called the “Wipe It Down Challenge.” Basically it starts with the person spraying cleaner on a mirror and wiping it down to the beat of the song “Wipe It Down” by BMW Kenny.

Here’s where it gets REALLY fun! During one of those wipes, there’s a quick flash of the person looking quite different! Here! Check it out for yourself!


Wait what? ##cosplay ##Harleyquinn ##harleyquinncosplay ##wipe ##morror ##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupage

♬ Wipe It Down – BMW KENNY

I think I’ve watched dozens of these now! And if you too can’t get enough, check out the link for more! – KW

What is TikTok’s ‘Wipe It Down’ challenge?

Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox. Sign up here. With more time on their hands than usual, TikTok ‘s users have tasked themselves with yet another challenge, simply because there’s a song that kinda sounds like it’s instructing them to do so.


Study Shows We Make Up 6 Excuses a Day to Get Out of Doing Stuff

We’re all guilty of it. Looking for ways to dodge stuff we don’t wanna do…like housework, going to an event we previously committed to, putting off a dental appointment…whatever. Why do we do it? I can only speak for myself when I say that most times I have good intentions. I had planned to do a thing, but woke up lazy that day and just needed a little mental health breather. So I stayed in my jammies and watched Lifetime. Otherwise, I just power through the things that I really don’t wanna do…like laundry. God, I hate doing laundry. It’s not the laundry as much as it is the folding and hanging and putting stuff away. Yeah…what a drag. ANYWAY, back to our 2190 excuses a year. Yep…somebody did the math. We make over 2K excuses in a year! It’s science now.

The top excuses we use are:

Too tired

Can’t afford it

No time

Too much of a hassle

I plumb forgot. (this one is my go-to)

What situations are we most likely to bail on? Errands, exercise, eating healthy, and social events.

If you know someone who has never made an excuse for getting out of something, please introduce me. I’ve always wanted to see a unicorn! 😂 – KW

Study reveals the average American makes at least this many excuses a day

The average American will make 2,190 excuses to validate their decisions per year, according to new research. A poll of 2,000 Americans found that the average American makes six excuses daily, and among those excuses are reasons people are not practicing self-care, from exercise and healthy eating to skincare and sun protection.


What’s Bingeworthy for the Weekend with Karen, Cash & Eddie!

The new season of “Dead to Me” just dropped last week and it’s getting mixed reviews. What did WE think of it? Also, Cash is making plans for his alone binging time…and Eddie finally brought something to the table that probably won’t suck. Check out this week’s episode of Bingeworthy!