How Shania Twain got away with wetting herself on stage

Shania Twain played a game of “That Does Impress Me Much” on “What What Happens Live with Andy Cohen,” and revealed she once peed on stage!

She said, “I was very clever in this moment. I stood up from my chair to get up and sing. I peed myself.”

In order to cover up the puddle she knocked over her glass of water so the crowd wouldn’t notice.

“I was wearing a skirt, thank goodness,” Twain, 53, quipped. “I stood up, it all came out, I was dry.”

It wasn’t the only embarrassing moment Twain revealed during the game. She was also once locked out of her hotel room while naked.

Watch below

Shania also revealed to Billboard magazine that Brad Pitt’s naked body really DID inspire “That Don’t Impress Me Much” but not because she wasn’t impressed by him necessarily…

She says in the video below, “I remember I had a girl friend visiting me and it was near Christmas and we were baking cookies. I was writing this album and there was a scandal of [Pitt] and Gwyneth [Paltrow] where there was naked photos of him [in Playgirl magazine, which Pitt later successfully sued for publishing the paparazzi photos]. And this was like all the rage. I just thought ‘I don’t know what all the fuss is about.’ I’m like, well that don’t impress me much, I mean what is all the fuss. We see people naked every day. That’s really what I thought. I wasn’t picking on Brad Pitt. But that was just the association in that moment and things we make fusses about and whatever. Of course, it could have been any gorgeous guy.”