Meet “Lazarus”, the Miracle Plant

My kids have teased me for years about killing houseplants. Not necessarily so. I kept one alive longer than a year once and clearly that one slipped their minds. One day after the furniture was rearranged, the plant got hidden, sort of. Actually, it was moved out of the way and never put back in it’s sunny spot. Out of sight, out of mind. A month later, it was crunchy and sad. I bought plastic plants from then on. The kids never let me live it down.

Fast forward to Summer of 2017. A friend gifted me with a lovely plant. It’s STILL alive today. No kidding. My child thought it was plastic and called me out on social media. I drove all the way from Virginia Beach to Newport News with that plant so she could see for herself. She apologized. Sort of. She thinks it’s a replacement plant.

That little plant inspired me. I decided to buy more plants for my home. Some indoor, some outdoor. Last winter, an outdoor plant that was gifted to me from my sister-in-law withered up and died, despite all of my efforts to resuscitate it. She said that perhaps I should have brought it indoors. I felt shame…and guilt. Sort of. Embarrassment, more like. I would never tell the children this.

Anyway, since it was winter and all, I didn’t do much with my balcony plant. I didn’t throw out the pot. I figured I’d just wait until it got warmer and plant something else.

A few weeks ago, something started sprouting in that pot. I left it alone, still planning to plant something new.

Everyday, it grew faster and faster. I didn’t even water it. Just let Mother Nature do her thing. And now…here it is. Bigger and better than it was before.

I was so excited. Until I found out that banana tree plants never go away. Ever. They just take a winter vacation. And you really don’t have to do anything.

I think I need more banana trees. I’ve got a point to prove to the kiddos. – KW