Thomas Rhett’s ‘Rhettro’ Chubbies Swimwear Will Take You Back to the ’90s {PICS}

Thomas Rhett teased over the weekend that he would be diving into something new soon

and he meant it

Thomas teamed-up with Chubbies to come out with the Rhettro Collection!

“The designs and styles are the ones I would (and do) wear myself, and the family swim line is is exactly the vibe my family wears,” Rhett tells Esquire via email. “I can’t wait to see them on our friends and family and, of course, the fans.”

The limited-run collection includes matching boy’s and men’s trunks, plus girl’s and women’s one-piece swimsuits.

“I’ve been pulling inspiration lately from ’90s styles, and I think that definitely shows in what we came up with.”

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