I was a weird kid -Stephanie

I was an old soul at a young age.

I loved crocheting my teddy bears outfits at 10 years old and I looked forward to summers so I could go to the library.

My love of reading started at a young age and I would plow through as many books as possible every summer.

It’s the same now.

July was spent on the beach, on my backyard swing or on my couch with a book in my hand.

This month I started off reading Daisy Jones and the Six which read like a VH1 Behind the Music special and I loved that!

Next up I read “Necessary People” which honestly by the time I got to writing this blog I forgot what this book was even about so maybe it wasn’t necessary?


Then I discovered Nick Hornby very late in the game and devoured two of his books Julie Naked and Funny Girl.

and one of his short stories

Next I read a collection of Howard Stern’s radio interviews and was fascinated.


I picked up Reese Witherspoon’s book club pick The Whisper Network


And finished with a recommendation from a friend that ended up being my favorite out of the month