Woman’s Viral Rant Shames Neighbors Who Hand Out Cheap Halloween Candy

I’m going to be honest, here. I don’t know whether to applaud this lady or tell her to shut her mouth. Clearly, she knows her neighbors can do better with the treats, but I don’t know if she figured in that most people who take their kids trick or treating are going to take them where the “good” candy is…and they KNOW where it is. But even where the good candy is, there’s this thing called RUNNING OUT. I’ve often bought a bag of the sorta cheap candy (which to me is everything other than chocolate) just in case I ran out of all of the good stuff. I didn’t want anyone to leave empty handed. Some years, my doorbell didn’t stop ringing. Other years, I had a ton of leftover candy…which, seriously, I don’t want in the house. I don’t mind tossing out the cheap stuff, but the chocolate would totally break my heart. Just saying. Anyway, I am mindful about how much candy I buy and try to guess how much traffic will roll through the neighborhood. And I try to take care of every child that comes by. Does that make sense? Okay…here it is in simpler terms: I have good candy WHILE SUPPLIES LAST. Haha! But I have backup candy too…just in case. I know, I know…you’re probably saying, “just turn the light out when you’re out of good candy!” Nope. Sorry. Can’t do that. If I see a little princess come by after all the chocolate is gone, she won’t be sent away. I’m going to have some Skittles for her.

Anyway, do you agree with this woman’s rant? Should her neighbors step up to the plate because they’re sorta rich? – KW

Is this post shaming rich people who hand out cheap candy on Halloween?

Halloween is quickly approaching and community watchdogs want people to be on the lookout for ghosts, ghouls … and people with money who skimp on handing out large packs of candy.

Was she right in calling out her cheap neighbors?


No, that was unnecessary!