Cash Warren Reviews “The Addams Family!”

You know me, I’ve always said they should release scary and Halloween themed movies closer to Halloween.

It’s a winning recipe!

My youngest son, Logan, insisted that we go and check out the new “Addams Family” movie. After some thought, I concurred, and we went.

This movie was interesting because it gave you a backstory as to how the Addams, ended up in their home. Which now, I can explain that they now live in what was once an insane asylum. What else would you expect? The family, so misunderstood, is looking for their own piece of real estate where they can be left alone to do whatever it is that they do, mostly kill things. I’m kidding, but the group is different. The story also showed how Lurch came into the picture. I always find it satisfying to find out how characters become who they are in a storyline. Now we know, Lurch was pretty much forced into becoming their servant. Also, he’s got some pretty incredible pipes!

The storyline touched home based on the current setting of “things” here in the states. The Addams, may be different, you know the whole eating bugs and chopping heads off of stuff, but at the end of the day, they’re the same as us. How does the old saying go? “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” The same applies to the Addams.

I really liked this movie. As for my son, he wouldn’t stop talking about it! Have you ever heard a young kid say they didn’t like a movie? Gather the children and go watch “The Addams Family.” It’s a, “frightening” good time.

I give “The Addams Family” 4 out of 5 bags of popcorn!

Now, when are they going to bring back the Munsters?