The Complete Concert Experience -Georgia

Concert season at the amphitheater is officially over which is bitter sweet. We rounded out the season with Chris Stapleton and it was nothing less than exceptional. Even though the weather was absolutely freezing, it was totally worth it.

Also, I was able to enjoy a first time experience in the VIP/Meet and Greet area with our winners. Contrary to popular belief, not all radio personalities get to meet all the artists that roll through town. This was my very first (and possibly only) time being able to share in this experience… so let’s talk about it.

We love to make our listeners’ dreams come true by sending them to meet their country music idols and have the best seats in the house for the show. It’s all part of sharing the dream and passion for music. First we met the opener, Brothers Osbourne. Fun fact: the brothers are 6’5″ and I had no idea until I actually stood next to them. When we were talking at first, I thought they just seemed taller because they were standing up on a little hill. Nope, they’re actually that tall… and their tour manager is even taller. Way to make a girl feel short!

For the record: I was wearing 4 inch heels in this pic

They were an absolute pleasure and definitely enjoyed spending time talking to each of us. Such great guys who are down to earth and humble.

After that meet and greet, we were shuffled to the opposite side of the amphitheater for the Chris Stapleton one. While we had to wait an ungodly amount of time outside in the freezing cold, I got a change to talk with our listeners who won our giveaway. We bonded over our animals and quickly became best friends.

New BFFs


Finally it was time to enter the VIP area for Chris Stapleton. There was plenty of food for everyone and a whole table and cooler of drinks for us all to enjoy as we waited for Chris. The ambiance of the area was rustic and cozy; exactly what you’d expect from a country show. After some time chatting (and scarfing down as much food as I possibly could in a 10 minute span), it was time to meet Chris Stapleton. We all lined up and took our turns one by one. I have never really been star-struck by any celebrity until this moment. It may have just been the nerves and the cold getting to me, but I totally froze when it was my turn to go up and meet him. His manager introduced me and I shook his hand. Then must have stuttered out a small phrase that was met with a blank stare (Chris is not a man of many words haha). Then we took a picture together and I left. It took me a good 5 minutes after the encounter to actually process what had just happened. Then I became giddy and overwhelmed with excitement that I just had my first official meet and greet experience.