New Jersey Mom Accused of Using ‘Fake Baby’ To Steal Yogurt: ‘My Baby Is 100% Real’ {PIC}

A mom was accused of  New Jersey Aldi store accused her of carrying a fake baby to try and steal yogurt.

Larkin, of Lacey, New Jersey, said in the Facebook group “Lacey Township Chatter” that she was grocery shopping with her infant when a woman told a cashier that her baby was fake and an attempt to “smuggle yogurts out of the store.”

Larkin, despite being fatigued from staying up nights with her 2-month-old daughter, responded to the accusation with humor. She posted a picture of herself smiling while holding her sleeping baby in front of the store’s sign.

“Thank you for the laugh,” she wrote in the Facebook group. “1) My baby is 100% real. 2) Yogurts are like $.25 at Aldi. 3) I’m lactose intolerant and don’t consume any dairy at all.”