It’s Hard Being A Kitty Cat -Georgia

Anyone who knows me knows my cats are the center of my world. Life stops until they are properly taken care of and when they’re hurting, I hurt. Right now my oldest, Ezra, got a scratch on his head and it got infected so now he received from antibiotics and has to wear the cone of shame for a week. He’s a trooper even though he’s really not happy about it as you can tell from the pics. Poor buddy has walked into so many walls already and is stumbling around the house like he doesn’t even remember how to walk. It’s such a hard adjustment for my adventure kitty who is curious about everything.

My poor baby boy


He looks so sad


The worst part is that when we came home, his brother, Elliot, freaked out and didn’t even recognize Ezra. Immediately Elliot’s tail puffed up and he started growling. Ez walked closer to show off his latest accessory but that advance was met with serious hissing and battery. Ezra whimpered and recoiled away and I scooped Elliot up and closed him in my room until he calmed down enough. When I attempted to let him out, the same thing happened again and now he is by himself in the bathroom with a bowl of water. This is going to be a long week.

Please heal up quickly my baby boy so you can get back to playing and exploring and your brother will start being nice again.