New Music in the Works From Brothers Osborne [PIC]

It’s been over a year since we got a new studio album from Brothers Osborne. But it doesn’t look like we will be waiting too much longer. Lead Vocalist T.J. Osborne posted a picture earlier today on Instagram with a caption hinting that they have been working on some new music and he is excited for a long break over the holiday season.

It will be their first studio album since 2018 and their 3rd studio album since 2016. They did record a “Live at the Ryman” back in October of this year. But, that doesn’t really count when it comes to studio albums. Their previous two albums “Pawn Shop” and “Port Saint Joe” both peaked in the Top 3 on the US Country Charts respectively. I have no doubt in my mind that they will have a smash hit on their hands once released in the coming months.

The caption reads, “First batch of songs done in the studio. Looking forward to a long needed break.”

No word on when any new music will be released, or when the album will be completed, but all I can say is I hope it’s sooner rather than later! I cannot wait!

– Big Red