Morgan Wallen Made a Dream Come True for This Deploying Serviceman {WATCH}

Morgan Wallen made one serviceman’s dream come true before he deploys to Irag. Army serviceman Michael Perkins wanted to shotgun a beer with his favorite singer before he left his home in Ohio.

Perkins and his best friend Tyler set out to catch four shows in a row on Wallen’s Whiskey Glasses Roadshow tour and at one stop they scored meet and greet passes.

Michael’s friend Tyler shared the experience on Facebook saying

Had an opportunity to meet Morgan wallen this weekend with my very good friend Michael Perkins, while we were talking, Michael told him he was getting deployed in less than 2 weeks and the last thing he wanted to do with him before he left was shotgun a beer. Morgan wallen told him he could make it happen. Dreams really do come true! Thank you Morgan Wallen for being such an amazing person and doing this. Michael, stay safe and thank you for your service!

And fans in the audience witnessing the moment couldn’t hold back the tears.