OUCH! Lauren Alaina Broke Her Toes Taking Out the Garbage

LAUREN ALAINA posted a video the other day of herself wearing a boot on her right foot while riding a scooter around her kitchen.  saying:

Taking the boot scoot to a whole new level. I Brooks & Dunn went and broke two of my toes. I present to you, “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” feet. Lauren Alaina.

Here’s what happened.  She was taking the garbage out in the rain . . . and when she came back inside she slipped on the hardwood floor.  She knew it was bad because there was blood coming from those two toes.

If you’re squeamish, you may want to stop reading at that.  If not, continue for more.

Lauren told People magazine:

“My middle toe was literally down, just hanging.”

Alaina and her manager then traveled to the hospital, protecting herself from the coronavirus by wearing a mask and gloves.

While one toe is “really, really broken” and will need 12 weeks of healing, the other one should be back to normal in half that time.

But on the bright side she says, “At least I’m home and everyone’s having to stay home.”