Horror Movie Director Uses His Talents to Prank His Zoom Meeting. ~ CASH {Watch}

I love stuff like this. Only if it’s not being done to me though. That’s the only way I like to play.


My brother and I had this ongoing contest growing up. Who can scare the other one the most or worst? Demented, right? Oh, stop it! It made life fun and interesting in the days before cell phones and YouTube channels. We were our own YouTube channels. I’m telling you what, if I could have recorded some of the times that I scared my brother, I could have won one of those home video contests. Some of them were magical.

I never used any special effects, but this guy went above and beyond to freak his friends out. What a great idea! I’ve heard of these Zoom social gatherings since we’re all in isolation. Why not juice it up a little bit. That’s exactly what this guy did.

From what it sounds like, the guy had been hearing noises in his attic and decided the best time to investigate would be when he’s having a cocktail talking to his friends.

Check out his brilliant work below.