Brad Paisley Surprised a Kentucky Farmer on FaceTime and Left Him in Tears {WATCH}

Amazon Prime’s docuseries Regular Heroes recently debuted and Brad Paisley surprised a Kentucky Farmer on Face Time during an episode.

Daniel Hayden is a cattle and chicken farmer in Kentucky. Hayden and his wife Danielle were shocked when Brad joined in.

Brad told the couple to go to their porch where they found a year’s supply of N95 masks. Next, they open a box which, contains two matching belt buckles with “Hayden Farms” emblazoned on them. And then, they received the biggest surprise of all: Paisley informs the couple, who have been trying to have a baby, that they will be given financial assistance for infertility treatments.

“That means the world to us,” Hayden says, while holding back tears. “That is our number one priority — passing it on to the next generation … We’ve had trouble with that for a while.”

“We need more people like you,” Paisley replied. “So, we are going to try to help you make them.”