Crazy Lady Takes a Selfie With a Black Bear While Out Hiking. ~ CASH {Watch}

What’s going on here?

Do they not teach students that wild animals will eat you in school anymore? I really don’t think they do. I’m amazed at the number of videos online where people are risking their lives to go viral. Let’s get something straight right now, if there’s a bear walking my way, I’m headed in the other direction at a very fast pace. Then again, I would never go out and not equip myself with the goods to survive the wilderness.

Just the other day I’m reading that a lady got charged by a buffalo for being too close. Then another story about a woman who enters a gator pit to grab the cell phone that she dropped. Lady, leave the phone!

The weird thing about this video, doesn’t it look like the bear is posing as if it knows what it’s doing? Check it out and stay away from wild bears!