Nick Drummond Found Prohibition Era Booze In His Walls While Renovating. ~ CASH {Listen}

What a find!

Nick Drummond and his partner, Patrick Bakker, bought a house in upstate New York and the only thing they had in mind was that they had a whole bunch of work ahead of them. Never did they think they would find the discovery of a lifetime! Nick Drummond spends 20 good minutes talking about the prohibition era booze he and his partner found while renovating a fixer-upper house in upstate New York.

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So I climbed in the hatch! There were two compartments under the floor. In the first, I discovered a rug covering an abandoned hand dug stone well filled with water about 8 ft down. That would have been such an appropriate and exciting death, falling head-first into a stone well in a whiskey smuggler’s treasure trove! Besides a few empty bottles, nothing else exciting in that section. Once inside the other compartment, you are crawling around on your back in dirt, in 12-18” of space. Lots of cobwebs. Looking up, instead of seeing floor joists, there are solid boards covering the underside of the joists, held in place with flat head screws. Bizarre. They would never have done that under an unfinished mudroom. And if for some reason they wanted to attach those boards 100 years ago, they would have used nails- not screws. Unless of course, they wanted to access it again in the future! With our curiosity piqued, we were able to pry the end off one of the joist bays by the hatch opening. Inside….more packages!!! There’s whiskey under the floors too! Ahhhhh! #bootleggerbungalow #secretdoor #secretcompartment #whatsinside #hiddentreasures #prohibition #historicpreservation #americanfoursquare #renovationdiscoveries

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