Thursday, November 5th, is National “Men Make Dinner Day.” ~ CASH {Watch}

So, guys, what’s for dinner?

It’s funny at my house. For as tired as my wife seems to be when she gets home from work, she still insists on cooking dinner. For example, last night. I knew what the potential dinner options were going to be before night fell on the Warren household. She was either going to do Santa Fe Chicken or Posole. Posole it was. Here’s the thing, and it really isn’t that big of a deal, I have to go to bed really early and sometimes dinner isn’t ready until 8 pm! Now, a simple solution would be, hey, Cash, why don’t you cook dinner? I’ve tried to help, but my wife insists I can’t cook.

I’m usually thinking, where did she get that idea? Was there an attempt to prepare a dish that went wrong? For the life of me, I can’t remember??? The only thing that I can confirm, in regards to my cooking ability, was my first ever attempt to make my then-girlfriend dinner.

My go-to was something my mom would make for my brother and me growing up. Again, single mother, doing what she can. One of our favorite meals was 1 lb ground beef, cooked up and mixed with regular mac-n-cheese. It’s easy, cheap, and good! I thought I was really on to something when I made her this fine meal. Little did I know, she wasn’t a fan. I mean, she appreciated the food, but I don’t think she was nearly as excited as I was. I mean, who doesn’t like ground beef and mac-n-cheese mixed together?

So, I was doomed from the get-go. Nowadays, when my wife needs me to make dinner she’ll buy stuff for burritos, tacos, or spaghetti. You know, the things you just need to warm up to eat. I’m no quitter! I’ll redeem myself as a master of the kitchen.

Guys, if you’re planning on cooking tonight or any night of the week, remember to follow the rules. Oh, you forgot them??? Take a look for a quick reminder. Don’t forget, wash the dishes when you guys are done!