Piers Morgan Looks Just Like the Pigeon Lady from “Home Alone 2.” ~ CASH {Pic}

On Wednesday, Carly was telling me about this doppelganger website where you upload a photo of yourself and they find someone who looks just like you. Carly did it and it’s really interesting. The website is called twinstrangers.net. Check it out.

When it comes to doppelgangers, does it get any closer to this? How am I so late to the party in realizing that it had to have been Piers Morgan who played the pigeon lady in “Home Alone 2” Lost in New York? They’re a spittin’ image! People are so convinced that he played the role that he had to come out and speak publically about the accusation on “Good Morning, Britain.” The GMA of London. Maybe he didn’t play the pigeon lady, but she is certainly his doppelganger.

Check it out!