Would Nicole Kidman or Debra Messing Play a Better Lucille Ball? ~ CASH {Pic}

From time to time, CBS will re-air “I Love Lucy” episodes on Friday nights in color. I love these! I love looking at the crazy zany styles of the 1950s. Keep an eye out for it, the episodes will occasionally pop up on CBS on Friday nights. I always wondered why they don’t show them every Friday night???

My mother, probably like yours, was obsessed with Lucille Ball. That and the “Andy Griffith Show.” I always thought it was interesting how Lucy’s brand grew so big in the golden age of television. Lucille Ball was a pioneer for women of comedy and she’ll forever be known as the lady who got away with everything. I’m sure she has a crazy story about climbing the Hollywood ladder to the top.

Nicole Kidman is leading the charge to play the television icon, but Debra Messing, who starred in “Will & Grace” has also expressed interest. What a hard decision. Who do you think would play a great Lucille Ball?