Gorilla Crow has arrived and he’s not taking any crap from anyone! ~ CASH {Watch}

Do you even lift, bro? Yeah, I think he does.

First, there was pizza rat. Remember him? He was the rat caught taking the slice of pizza down in the subway so he and his rat family could have a nice family. Then, there was the cobra that had escaped from the New York Zoo. The cobra was so popular that it even got its own Twitter account. Can you imagine a cobra on the loose?

What about that kangaroo that went viral because he was all swole up? The kangaroo looked like he spent most of his time in the gym. The kangaroo had an impressive physique, but, this is on another level.

Ever heard of Gorilla Crow? Neither did I until this past weekend. He’s taking the internet by storm. Look at this guy. He’s not afraid of anything or anyone. Some guy in Japan captured the footage and so far it’s been seen by more than 10 million people admiring his beautiful physique. Take a look!