Robin Williams Fans Are Blown Away By This Actor’s Impersonation {WATCH}

Actor Jamie Costa’s incredible impersonation of Robin Williams has fans calling for a biopic of the beloved late comedian.

Costa shared a five-minute clip to his YouTube channel titled “ROBIN Test Footage Scene.”  It features Costa portraying Williams on the set of Mork and Mindy in 1982 when he learns about the death of John Belushi.

Costa delivers a heart-wrenching performance of Williams’ reaction to his friend’s death.

Following the video’s release, commenters praised the actor’s portrayal.

One wrote, “I literally got goosebumps! I have never seen an actor transform into someone so well-known, and make you feel you are seeing the original….he should win an OSCAR for this clip alone!!!!”

Another shared, “I need a full biopic now. You hit him so well that my heart broke missing him all over again.”

And another agreed saying, “Yup. The voice, the mannerisms, the thoughtfulness, the shock and recovery, all perfectly done. Get a good screenplay, make the biopic. It will surely be Oscar material.”

Editorial credit: s_bukley