Kelsea Ballerini Shares Nostalgic Photos of High School Reunion

Kelsea Ballerini returned to her hometown of Knoxville, TN over the weekend to celebrate her 11-year high school reunion.

The “Half of My Hometown” singer shared some snaps from the celebration with fans saying, “technically, i didn’t graduate from this high school. i only spent my freshman and sophomore year there before moving to nashville.”

Although Kelsea may not have been in the graduating class at Central High School, she shared “so much life happened here. crushes. music. friendship. heartbreak. insecurity. drive. the first time i played a song i wrote for anyone was in this auditorium. there was tragedy and there was magic…and it made leaving this community to go chase down this naive knowingness the truest meaning of bittersweet.”

“So after 13 years of being in Nashville, I decided to go to my reunion to be nostalgic with the people that made me love my hometown like I do. Go bobcats for effing ever,” Kelsea wrote.

Central High was featured in a portion of her music video for “half of my hometown” with Kenny Chesney.