Brett Eldredge Delivers Emotional Cover of “I Hope You Dance”

Brett Eldredge took to social media to play a clip of one of his favorite songs by another country artist.

The “Don’t Ya” singer shared a video of himself singing Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance” saying, “one of my favorite lyrics ever.”

He captioned the post “This song always makes me 😭”

@bretteldredge This song always makes me 😭 #countrymusic #cover ♬ original sound – Brett Eldredge

Tyler Hubbard commented “to (sic) good buddy” and Lee Ann replied to the video saying, “ u!”

Brett’s new album “Songs About You” is available now and includes songs about love and heartbreak, along with mental health.

Brett told Billboard, “I’ve felt broken at times where I couldn’t even get on stage, hardly. I had to sit down on stage ‘cause I lost my breath or maybe I was having a panic attack in the middle of an interview. To be able to say all these things and realize that other artists go through these things, there are days when we’re exhausted and we don’t feel like we can do it, or have a breakdown backstage or whatever. It’s just life — whether you’re a performer or working nine to five at a desk, it’s all life, and it comes at you. It’s about pushing through it and gaining resilience. Life happens for you, not to you, and I’ve really started to learn that.”