Chris Young Reveals He Passed on the #1 Hit “Damn Straight,” Here’s Why

Scotty McCreery’s latest single “Damn Strait” soared to the top of the charts but he almost didn’t get the chance to record it.  Chris Young revealed that the songwriter offered it to him first to record.  He had to decline it because he wouldn’t be able to record for a few years, since he had just released an album.

Chris told Country Countdown USA, “When we played Scotty McCreery’s hit Damn Strait, Chris told Lon this: “I know the writer of that song, and he pitched me that song first.  But I had just released my album and it was going to be a few years before I could record it.  I told him to play it for everyone, because that song is a hit.  I don’t think I’ve even told Scotty this.  I told him I have no idea when the next single was going to come.  This song was too good to sit on.  He called me shortly after that to say ‘Scotty’s got it.’  And now it’s this huge #1 for them.”