“Grandpa” is One of Peninsula Reginal Animal Shelter’s Longest Residents

Grandpa is one of the longest residents at Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter.

This sweet little pal is the perfect pick and a must-meet if you’re looking for someone who loves snuggles, will keep you laughing, and knows how to be an awesome friend. 

Don’t let the name mislead you into thinking he’s an old geezer- Grandpa is full of spunk and has plenty of time left to grow old with his forever family. His name was chosen because his velvety soft face and cute white whiskers remind us of a sweet Grandpa!

A couple of weeks ago, Grandpa got to check out the One City Marathon! His volunteer friend shared that he traveled excellently in the car and really enjoyed sticking his head out the window and allowing his snout to soak up some sunshine. Grandpa cheered on runners and helped pep them up to finish the last few miles by offering friendly tail wags, hydrating slurps, and handing out jellybeans and Reese’s cups on the sidelines. During this adventure, Grandpa had great interactions with children and other dogs! Of course, if you have a resident dog of your own, we would always recommend a meet and greet. 

Grandpa is about 3 years old so he’s got his sights set on planning plenty of adventures to enjoy. He loves spending time with people and tagging along on fun family plans. On the flip side, he is grown up enough that he has the house manners of a true gentleman. He understands how to be a part of a family by respecting his home and the people in it. He’s housebroken and will do just about anything for a delicious snack.

Grandpa is a favorite among shelter staff and volunteers for sure. As a long time resident, we can’t figure out how no one has scooped up this awesome treasure of a pup! We love him so much and we’re confident that you will too. In exchange for a couple of treats, a walk every now and then, and a soft bed for Grandpa to lay his big block hippo head, he promises to be the very best friend you ever had.

If you’re interested in learning more about Grandpa, you can visit him at Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Newport News, VA.

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