Carly Pearce Shares Health Update After Revealing Heart Condition Diagnosis

Carly Pearce revealed in May that she has been diagnosed with pericarditis, a condition characterized by inflammation of the sac-like tissue surrounding the heart. According to the Mayo Clinic, pericarditis can cause significant discomfort and requires careful management.

Over the weekend, Pearce shared a health update writing, “It’s been a month since this crazy heart stuff happened & have learned a few things I felt like sharing.”

The country singer listed 5 things she’s learned over the past month:

1) you don’t have to over-exercise every single day to feel good

2) medication sucks!

3) walking is a great form of mental & physical exercise

4) mindset is everything

5) change is hard but can be a really good thing

She concluded, “I’m getting better every day & feeling more like myself! I’ll be running around like my usual self before you know it. thanks for all of the prayers. I have felt them every single day.”