Miranda Lambert Issues Warning to Fans Who Fight at Her Concerts

During a recent performance in Texas, Miranda Lambert was singing her heartfelt song “Tin Man,” from her 2016 album The Weight of These Wings, when an altercation broke out among some fans.

A concertgoer captured the moment on video, showing Lambert stopping mid-performance to address the situation. Concerned, she first checked if someone was injured or had fainted, then firmly asked, “Are y’all fighting? During this song? ‘Cause I will come down there.”

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Following the incident, Lambert took to Instagram to share with fans that fighting during “Tin Man” during her concerts is a big no-no. But if you’re looking to brawl, she has plenty of songs for that.  The country singer offered a curated playlist that fans can fight to.  “If you want to fight at my shows, I’m all about it. Give ’em hell,” Lambert said in the clip. “I’ve got five songs for you.”   Lambert went on to list “Fastest Girl in Town,” “Kerosene,” “Gunpowder and Lead,” “Little Red Wagon” and her recent single, “Wrangle.”

She added, “Don’t do it during ‘Tin Man.’ That’s not the time. I know you can hear the s–t talking because it’s a ballad. But that’s not the time. So pick your times. You’ve got five songs. Look at the set list and choose wisely.”