Carly Quinn


I’m Carly Quinn! Born and raised in the Steel City. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania……City of bridges (or so I thought until I got to Norfolk, Virginia Beach area! Haha!!!  I’m a diehard Pittsburgh sports fan. My husband and I love having bonfires and company over and we have 4 kids together, before I got into radio  18 years ago I was a flight attendant soooooo I’m

Always talking and chatting people up, just who I am! I’m always up for an adventure, the first one up and the last to go to bed! So bring on the next adventure and I’m ready for it!

I’ve worked with St. Jude and the Ronald McDonald house for over 18 years now, and I’m passionate about “No Kid Hungry” because I know what it’s like to not have a meal every day while growing up.

Cash and I will be on 973 The Eagle weekdays 5-10!! Listen in and if we don’t change your life we can at least make you laugh ever morning!!!!

Did Meghan Markle name the Royal Baby after her Dead Cat? – Carly

So, a Royal Baby has been born and officially has a name. Archie is the Name Dutchess of Sussex picked. Some say it’s an old family name, however, sources say that Meghans dead cat was named Archie.   View this post on Instagram   Paying tribute to all mothers today – past, present, mothers-to-be, and…


Sooo….Cash is my new neighbor -Carly

Today is the 7 weeks that we have been here in Hampton Roads, Cash has had this much time to look for a place to live. Of all of the places here Cash is literally going to be my new neighbor Now I will now be looking directly onto his patio????? hahahahaha!!!!!!    

alien or f 18

4 Hours later we get an answer to the BOOM BOOM – Carly

Ok, so here we are a day and a half later and it took 24 hours for the confirmation on the BOOM, it was an F-18 that rocked the entire Hampton Roads area. Too bad for Cash, he truly believes in Alien life forms here on earth 🙁 Whattttttt??????? There’s got to be more to…


Are U.F.O’s real???? – Carly

I sometimes wonder if Aliens were real and watching us on earth with our pets, taking them outside, on drives, dressing them up, competing in shows……all the way to designer costumes and clothing for our beloved pets.   Anyway, if they were watching I believe they (the Aliens) would think the animals are our rulers…..…


It’s National Denim Day…………soooooo…….. – Carly

I can remember a time when I could go to the mall and grab a pair of jeans I thought looked nice, and just knew that they would fit, now I struggle to even grab any off of the rack……..wondering if anybody has this same problem. Do you have a favorite “go to” pair or…


Keto or No? -Carly

My husband and I are finally in our place here in Hampton Roads and now that there is once again a kitchen to access I would like to try Keto……..yet have no clue how to start, what to do…..and so how do you keto? I would like the easiest simple way to do this…….hahahah as…

butter dish

To butter dish or to butter tub??? -Carly

The votes are in……people are picking a tub of butter over a butter dish??? Why???? What do you choose? My grandma always said to use the real stuff, thoughts? Cash has just admitted to using spray butter


Vegan Burrito???

Thinking I’m going to start eating healthier and according to @carrieunderwood she swears by Sweet Earth Big Sur breakfast burrito, Cash and I are going to pick a week and do this…..let’s see what happens….feel free for any ideas, (perhaps an invite for a vegan meal) hahahaha 🙂