Karen West

Karen is a Hampton Roads native, born and raised in Newport News and now lives in Norfolk. She has four daughters who are her best friends. Karen has been on the air on the Eagle for over 25 years and very passionate about radio and connecting with her listeners.  

Karen is also very passionate about her charitable causes.  She is active with the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” campaign in memory of her sister Ginni, who passed away peacefully of breast cancer in 2005.  She is also very active with St. Jude Children’s Hospital’s endeavor to end childhood cancer.  

Karen is an author who has written two books to benefit various charities.  Amazing Trace, A Sister’s Journal follows the story of her sister’s battle with breast cancer.  It is available at all online booksellers.  

Karen recently began traveling internationally and crossing things off her bucket list, proving to herself that if you want something bad enough, go for it!  She has taken several trips on a very VERY small budget and shares her experiences on “Travelin’ With Karen.”  

Her favorite quote of all time is from Maya Angelou:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  


Is There A Marshmallow Peeps Overkill Now?

I hate Peeps. They’re nasty. It used to be only a once a year thing and I could deal with that. Now…I feel like we can’t escape those vile little devils. At ALL. They’re EVERYWHERE and ALL THE TIME!


Marshmallow chicks that stare me straight down to my soul.


They’ve encroached upon my breakfast…

They’re trying to TEMPT me with CHOCOLATE!

Clearly, they like COFFEE

They STOLE Christmas..

And every OTHER major holiday…

Including…my birthday!

Will they stop at nothing?

Apparently not.

This happened once. Peeps BEER

And now….introducing….

PEEPS SLURPEES (this is not a drill)

Peeps needs to stay away from wine. That’s all I got left now. – KW



Man Makes Grand Entrance In Store…And Shatters The Doors!

What do ya do when you have a day where you’re feeling confident and on top of the world? You own it, right? I’m pretty sure that what happened to this guy at the electronics store is NOT what he had in mind for a grand finale….

So…what’s a superhero to do but shrug it off, right? 😉 – KW


Jason Aldean’s Son Memphis Goes “Head Over Heels” With His Toy Horse! {Video}

Jason Aldean posted this video of two-year-old son Memphis listening to “Old Town Road” while riding his toy horse through the house. And he’s doing VERY well, until he takes a little spill, thanks to a throw rug. His baby sis Navy doesn’t seem all that concerned. 😉 THANKS, SIS! 😂 – KW


Karen & Stephanie’s This is US on “This Is Us” (2/18) {Podcast}

“A Hell of a Week – Part 3”: Kate’s story is not exactly as we predicted it would be last week, but we did get some real shocking and some touching moments we’ve been waiting on for a long time.

Warning: A Hell Of A Lot Of Spoilers (if you haven’t watched last week’s episode yet.)

So the “Hell of a Week” is now completed with the “Big Three” and tonight…we hope…they’ll come together at the cabin to sort it all out.


New “Challenge” Has People Shaving Off Half Their Eyebrows

A new “challenge” has TikTok users shaving off the outside half of their eyebrows to create the illusion of “fox-like” eyes…which is sported by models Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. So…here’s how to create “the look.”


this…did not go as planned #foxeye #superbowlliv #awkwardmoments #fyp #startrek

♬ OBLIVION by HATSUNE MIKU – chonky.filas

The hashtag #FoxEye has already racked up nearly four million views on TikTok.

Seriously, would you shave off half your eyebrows to look like Spock?


I mean…they DO grow back! – KW


Does Your Dog Have A Potty Mouth?

That old saying that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s has just come to an end, y’all. For $60 bucks, you can get your dog a collar that cusses every time he barks.

You can now buy a dog collar that will swear every time your dog barks

For every treat your good boy deserved but didn’t get, for every itch that you didn’t scratch, your dog can now vent out all its frustration in cuss words.

I really don’t know who needs this. Seriously, I wouldn’t want my dog to do that. My dog would never agree to this anyway.


Do they make ’em for cats? Just sayin’. – KW


Valentine’s Ketchup Truffles Are A Thing?

Ohhhhhh…please tell me this is a joke. Why would ANYBODY wanna……OMG.

I might consider putting ketchup on scrambled eggs…even though I think that’s totally gross, but never EVER on chocolate. EVER-R-R-R-R-R.

I scoured social media to find ANYONE who might have tried these things. And….

I guess it’s NO JOKE…unless you’re the one getting them for Valentine’s Day.

All I can say is….fortunately, you can’t get them here. Yet. – KW

Would YOU try ketchup truffles?

Sure! Why not?

Oh hell no!

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Twitter Lost Its Mind Over The #BroomChallenge

The latest internet challenge is based on an old bogus claim. People were posting that “NASA” announced that on February 10th, you could stand up a broom because of the earth’s gravitational pull…or some planetary alignment. Didn’t take long for Twitter users to post their results.

Y’all…NASA didn’t say anything like that. Standing a broom? It’s simple physics. And you can do it any day of the year.

Eh…but it doesn’t mean you should. 😂 😂 😂