Sky Watchers Are In for a REAL Treat this Halloween!

2020 has…for the most part…been a bummer of a year. Most folks are now looking for as many “bright moments” as possible! If you’re a sky watcher like me, we’re in for a nice little treat this Halloween! A rare Blue Moon!

Now, the moon won’t appear blue, of course. Blue Moons are full moons that happen twice in one month. The first one was October 1st…and the second one falls on Halloween. The next time there will be a Blue Moon on Halloween will be 2039. It’s also the first time a Halloween full moon has appeared for all time zones since 1944! Enjoy! Try not to howl too loudly! 😉 – KW

A Rare Blue Moon Will Light Up the Night Sky This Halloween

2020 may not have the best year for travel (or even leaving the house), but it’s been a great year for celestial events. This past spring we saw a “Full Worm Moon” in March followed by a pink supermoon in April .