Dream Job Alert for Shark Week Fans!

If you look forward to Shark Week more than Christmas, this job is for you! A company called USDirect is offering one lucky person a thousand bucks PLUS snacks and swag just for watching Discovery Channel’s Shark Week!

One lucky Shark Week fan could earn $1K just for watching the week-long event

Shark Week fans could have the chance to win $1,000 just for watching Discovery Channel’s one and only Shark Week. USDirect is on the hunt to find a really jaw-some fan to watch the entirety of Shark Week, starting August 9.

Think you’re the right candidate? Hurry! You only have until 7pm on July 27th to apply for the gig! Good luck! – KW

Love Shark Week? We’ll Pay You $1,000 to Watch it

When Jaws came out in 1975, the world went into a fear-induced panic over the blood-thirsty, boat-circling monsters that are sharks. But in 2019, the release of “Baby Shark” undid all of that. Suddenly, sharks were cute, smiley, and pink, and toddlers everywhere begged their parents to play the jingle on repeat.