Woman Buys $600 Worth of Girl Scout Cookies; Gives Them Out Free to Strangers

This girl scout troop’s season ended on a sweet note

A Good Samaritan approached a Girl Scout Cookie booth over the weekend in Seattle and bought ALL of the cookies the girls had left…not for herself, but for others! She spent more than $600 and asked the Girl Scouts to give them away to people leaving the store.

Well the girls said they actually had trouble giving away the boxes because most people were too shocked to believe they could actually be free—and who can blame them? Free boxes of Girl Scout cookies just seems too good to be true, but thanks to that mystery woman, for one brief, shining moment, free cookies for all became a reality.

And it doesn’t stop there!! The streak of generosity continued inside the grocery store, where a cashier said a woman in her check out line paid for the groceries of all the people behind and in front of her.