Brantley Gilbert Just Wrote a Tear-Jerking Song About His Baby Boy

Becoming a Dad has changed Brantley Gilbert, and his next album will prove it. He says this project is different from any he’s released

Brantley told Taste of Country, “I wrote a song, kinda started the idea of it while we were in the hospital room with him. It’s one of those things, it’s just something I don’t think God made words for. Writing a song about it is harder than I ever thought it’d be but I do have one that’s going on the new record that I’m really proud of.”

He says the song is mostly for Barrett and (God-willing) any kids he and Amber have in the future, and it’s a tear-jerker. “This next record I think will surprise you,” he admits. “There’s a little bit of everything on there like always, but no so much on the heavy, heavy side.”