To Celebrate or Not Celebrate Valentine’s Day

– by Karen West

I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day in it’s traditional manner for many years. When I do celebrate, it’s usually about a week after the big day. The sales are fabulous and the restaurants are less crowded. That’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned. The main reason I wait? My daughter Allison was born on Valentine’s Day, so I’ve always set aside that day specifically for her. Her birthday. For me, it’s all about her.

I brought up this example because there are many reasons some people do not take part in the big day. I believe EVERYDAY is the opportunity to show love whether we do so with gifts or not. And celebrating Valentine’s Day at a later date definitely has it’s perks, that’s for sure! But here is something that’s heartbreaking. According to this survey, 53% of women would dump their significant other if they didn’t receive a gift on Valentine’s Day.

So, what do you say? How important is receiving a gift on Valentine’s Day for you? And would you take into consideration your significant other’s reason for not celebrating the day?  Tweet your response to @karenwest973


And…Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!