Wait…What? There Was an Outage???

So…yesterday, one of my kids sent a freaked out text to the entire family. She thought she got banned from Facebook and wanted us to help her figure out which one of her posts was “offensive.” Okay, I just gotta tell you that this particular kid is Ms. Positivity, so unless FB just got sick of all of her upbeat posts, her chances of getting banned are ZERO. (On the other hand, I’m surprised one of her sisters hasn’t been put in time out! 😂 KIDDING!) Since my FB seemed to be working properly, I suggested that she reboot her phone, reinstall the app, send a problem report to FB…blah, blah, blah.

Later, I was surprised to learn that there was INDEED a HUGE FB & IG outage BUT it DIDN’T happen to everybody! REALLY? Hmmmm…interesting. I wonder who could be responsible for THAT?!!!


So, if you experienced the outage yesterday, sorry. – KW