Burger King Fools Customers With the Impossible Whopper That’s Not Real Meat- And They LOVED it!


A little bit about me- I became a vegetarian at 12 years old.  When I announced to my family the news, my sister said “I give it one week.”  Well it lasted longer than a week and 28 years later (crap I just revealed my age)  I’m still all about those veggies, those veggies, no meat (who sang in that in their head??)

Anyway- I do LOVE veggie burgers. For everyone who says “Well why not just eat meat then?” It’s a personal decision for me based on my love of animals. I simply can not eat something I love so much.

That said, my Dad is a hunter, my husband eats meat and I’m not one to condone anyone else’s choices. I do think the benefits of eating less meat for our health and the environment are tremendous so I get excited when I see new products come on the market that vegetarians AND meat eaters can both enjoy.

I especially love it when meat eaters have NO CLUE they are eating vegetarian.  Behold.

PS I’ve tried the Impossible Burger and it is hands down the best meat alternative I’ve ever had. My meat eating husband also tried it and said if he didn’t know, he may not have been able to tell the difference.