‘Toasting’ Is the Internet’s Clapback to ‘Roasting,’ and It’s Totally Positive

Everyone needs a pick me up sometimes! I have often shared my struggles with an eating disorder, body image issues and depression on my Facebook page and the outpouring of love and support has lifted me up!

Social media can be a tough place for anybody. We compare ourselves to others thinking “Their life is so much more exciting than mine.” Or “They got more likes than I did.”  We’ve all been there.  It leads to negative self-image, loneliness and depression.

So when I saw “Toast Me” started trending today I had to share it.

The subreddit r/RoastMe where people actually put themselves out there to be roasted (NO THANKS!) has been re-imagined on a new thread “Toast Me”

This started trending after users began posting about why they needed a pick me up asking others  for love.

According to the page, “Only genuine and unique compliments by awesomely nice people are allowed here.”

The thread has blossomed into a space where people struggling with things like coming out to their families and negative self-image can go for uplifting words of support.

20M here, I’m cripplingly lonely, I don’t have friends outside of the reddit community, I have mad social anxiety, and I haven’t felt any human contact more intimate than a handshake in about 3 years. I could honestly use some good vibes 🙂 from r/toastme

What a great way for everyone to not feel so alone!

If you need a toast today, or any day, just hit me up on Facebook or on Instagram and we’ll be there for each other!

— Stephanie