Some Traffic Lights In Hampton Roads Never Turn Green! -Cash

Some traffic lights in Hampton Roads never turn green!

Remember the scene in a Christmas Story where Ralphie’s Dad goes down to fight with the furnace? That’s the way I feel with some of the stop lights here in Hampton Roads. The good news, if you have a regular life schedule and you don’t drive to work at 3:45 AM this may not pertain to you. If you do, I’ve got something that may save your life. Well, probably not save your life, but it could certainly save you a bunch of time.

One thing I’m learning about Hampton Roads is that it takes a really long time getting anywhere in town. Because I’m so new to the area, I’m still google mapping everything in town and the weird thing is, most of my destinations don’t seem very far away. For example, if I look up the beach, it’ll tell me it’s 8 miles away but will take me 25 minutes to get there. That’s the craziest thing I ever saw!

I’m currently staying at an Airbnb until my family moves into town at the end of May. My Airbnb host lives a little way out of town, so it takes me a little longer than I would prefer to get to work. Every morning when I’m driving to work I get caught by the same dumb red light every morning. This light never turns green, folks. I’m not kidding around. I watched the light cycle go back and forth over and over again.

The cops, who do not wish to be identified, called Carly and I up this morning and explained to us that if a red light cycles through twice and it never changes to green you can run that light. Now, I would definitely look into it before you do that, but it was enough for me to run that dumb red light every morning from here on out. Another caller said that she had just got her motorcycle license and was told from the cops that same thing. If the red light cycles through twice with no green, run that bad boy!

Again, to reiterate! Look into the law before you start running red lights all over Hampton Roads.