I Finally Tried Some Avocado Toast Over The Weekend… – Cash

I finally tried some avocado toast over the weekend.

How does the saying go, “A day late and a dollar short?” Something like that, I believe. It only took me two years to get on the avocado toast train and I’m still not too sure what to think about the whole thing?

After our Mom & Baby Expo this past Saturday at the Pembroke Mall, I went and had lunch at Macaroni Grill and decided to go with the avocado toast. Mainly because it was a little past noon and I wasn’t really in the mood to slam out a nice bowl of pasta. That, and the avocado came with an egg and I’m a sucker for eggs.

The meal came with one large piece of breaded toast, with the avocado spread on the bottom. It was then topped with a fried egg and some kind of dressing was layered on the top of the toast. The meal also came with some seasoned potatoes. I think it may have been offered on the brunch menu on the weekends.

First of all, does it get any better than brunch? Anytime where you can have some prime rib and scrambled eggs, it’s never a bad thing. Not to mention the french toast, biscuits and gravy, and now, avocado toast. My wife has an amazing pallet for food and she’s already been there done that with the avocado toast. I certainly didn’t want to be the only guy who hadn’t tried the dish, so I went for it.

Avocado on toast seems like a pretty basic idea, right? According to the brunch section of the Macaroni Grill website, this is what their version entails, toasted brioche bread, calabrian pepper pesto, eggs, arugula, balsamic glaze, and crispy parmesan potatoes. Is your mouth watering yet? You can find this on their weekend brunch menu. It’s an Italian food joint, they had to Italianize it!

The only thing that I had an issue with was the balsamic glaze topping. Could have gone without that. Overall, it was pretty darn good. Good enough for me to want to try it again sometime.

So now, I need to know where the best place in town to get avocado toast is? Would love any and all suggestions.