Doorbell Camera Captured The Moment An Oklahoma Man Got Bit In The Face By A Snake!- Cash

A doorbell camera captured the moment an Oklahoma man got bit in the face by a snake!

In the words of Indiana Jones, “Snakes, why does it always have to be snakes?” Can you believe this!?! This has to be my biggest fear in life, snakes. Let alone being bit in the face by a snake. Luckily, it wasn’t some crazy poisonous serpent. I thought all the most poisonous snakes in America lived in Oklahoma?

The victim’s name is Marshawn Copeland and thankfully he’s going to be alright. Can you imagine this happening to you? If so, would you handle it the same way Mr. Copeland did? I’m surprised that he didn’t fall back and go grab something to take the snake out. After the snake pierced his nose, he runs inside and tells someone to rush him to the hospital because he just got kissed by a snake!

If it were me, I would have fallen down and had a heart attack. Then the snake would have slithered over and eaten me. I really believe that. The only time I’ve run into some snakes, I did what everyone should do and took their lives. My defense, it was a giant rattlesnake. I mean, this thing must have been at least 10 or 15 ft. long. Then, my buddy, who I was out shooting rifles with, stepped on another snake who was obviously hiding under the rocks waiting to eat us!

I’ve got to give Mr. Copeland a lot of credit for handling this as well as he did. I never would have handled this as well as he did. Blow your mind and watch the video if you haven’t yet. Just a quick heads up, THIS VIDEO CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE, BE ADVISED!!!