Jake Owen To Make Acting Debut In ‘The Friend,’ Starring Jason Segal, Dakota Johnson & Casey Affleck:

Jake Owen revealed back in March that he is going to make his acting debut in the new movie ‘The Friend.’

According to Deadline, The Friend will tell the extraordinary true story of Nicole and Matthew Teague. When they learn that Nicole has just six months to live, they receive the unexpected support of their best friend, who moves into their home while putting his own life on hold. His impact on everyone is much more profound than anyone could have imagined.

Jake told Sounds Like Nashville that he’s learning a lot in his new role

“I’m learning a lot. I like throwing myself into things that I’ve never done before and learning from it,. You see these people in action and you realize how great they really are at what they do. They’ve been so gracious to me as far as showing me the ropes and teaching me how I can be better at things, which I embrace. It’s been a challenge for sure, but I like those types of challenges.”