What’s Up With The Random Weird Graves In The Woods In North Carolina? – Cash

What’s up with the random weird graves in the woods in North Carolina?

Before Carly and I arrived here in beautiful Hampton Roads, the family and I spent some time hanging out in North Carolina. My wife’s aunt, who lives in the middle of nowhere in North Carolina, told me and the bored kids to go exploring the woods by her house. “But there are snakes out there,” said Cash. She told me to stop being a wimp and take my children exploring.

So we went exploring. Little did I know that the woods would be haunted. At least, I think they are. How could the woods not be haunted if there are random graves all over the place? Not to mention the weird random house that’s been rotting away for hundreds of years? Who lived in these weird random homes? These graves have been here, uninterrupted, for hundreds of years.

The more we walked around the woods, the more we found random graves and homes from the 1700s. I kind of felt like Indiana Jones. I always said that I would be an archeologist if this radio thing didn’t work out. “Snakes, why does it always have to be snakes.”

On the weekends when I go jam with Ryan, the guitar player guy who is really good that I jam with on the weekends, I always drive by this house in Chesapeake where there’s a fenced off area with a bunch of random graves. Seems to be the norm in this part of the country.

I was always told that this area is littered with awesome history and as soon as the wife and kids show up, we’ll go exploring the area. Especially, those areas where scary ghosts roam and wonder. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

I’ve gotta say, the people responsible for building the house did a great job. All these years later and the house is still standing.